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Vuzix M400C Smart Glasses

Vuzix M400C Smart Glasses

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A smart glasses peripheral for direct and secure connection to your system

  • Secure enterprise AR solution built for wearability
  • Minimalist, lightweight design for all-day comfort
  • Ruggedized and IP67 rated for water immersion
  • Share your view with 1080p 60fps streaming video
  • Hands-free remote collaboration in any work environment
  • Keep your network secure with total endpoint device management



With ultra-secure communication, Vuzix M400C smart glasses enable application calls for direct integration to a standalone computer or operating system. Just like Vuzix M400, Vuzix M400C smart glasses are ruggedized for hard jobs and comfortable enough for all day wear.

If IT approvals for AR devices are a challenge, Vuzix M400C smart glasses fit right into your current ecosystem without incurring any IT burden.

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